Aesthetically Beautiful Exteria Building Products Saves Time and Money

Contractors can more than double the number of projects completed in a given time frame with aesthetically pleasing Exteria Building Products, thus increasing profit margins. Easy installation means projects are completed in hours rather than days. Exteria offers a wide-range of client pleasing polypropylene exterior cladding products. Manufactured with high engineering standards and stringent quality controls, contractors can rest assured the product will surpass client satisfaction.

  • RoughSawn Cedar Single EZ – Perfect for the exterior of a Cape Cod Style house. Universal starter strips and other accessories are available for contractor convenience.
  • RoughSawn Cedar EZ – The six and a half-inch exposure shingles result in a timeless classic style. The shingles are available in several design options including the Weathered Series, Coastal Series and Classic Series with multiple color choices.
  • Cedar Pride EZ – The nine-inch shingle exposure allows for a realistic staggered edge and added curb appeal
  • Cape Cod Perfect EZ – Exteria’s durable composite cladding is a perfect solution for an inviting graceful home along the seashore.
  • Scalloped Perfection – Obtain exquisite detailing for a classic restoration project with composite cladding by Exteria.

  • Stacked Stone Original – The ideal alternative to capture the stately prominence of stacked stone on a budget. This composite cladding assures beauty and durability to withstand the test of time.
  • Hand-Laid Brick – Exteria’s Hand-Laid Brick composite cladding affordably captures the ageless appearance of hand-laid brick for a nominal price.
  • Hand-Cut Stone – Composite cladding offers distinctive style and prestige without the expense of masonry.
  • Hand-Split Shake EZ – The imperfect nature of real cedar is beautifully captured in the deeply grained rugged appearance of these eight and three-fourths shingle exposure panels.
  • Stacked Stone Premium – Exteria’s stacked stone composite cladding is indistinguishable from authentic old world masonry. Longevity and beauty is assured with proprietary coating system.

Product Warranty:

  • Exteria products are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects under normal exposure conditions.
  • Warranted defects include, blistering, corroding, fading, flaking and peeling beyond normal weathering.
  • Damage due to improper installation methods, abuse, neglect, vandalism, incorrectly storing products, excessive heat, reflective sources, mishandling, improper maintenance, incompatible accessories, insects, vegetation or animals is not included in warranty.
  • Warranty does not include acts of God such as hurricane, tornado, windstorm, fire, earthquake, lightening, windstorm of flooding.
  • Exposure to chemicals including air chemicals is not included in warranty statement.
  • Power washing is not recommended and damage resulting from power washing is not included in warranty.
  • All manner of modifying siding including painting results in a nullification of warranty.
  • Any cause that is not a result of manufacturing defect is null and void under warranty specifications.
  • Exclusive Hail Warranty is only valid if homeowner’s insurance partially covers replacement costs and excludes all labor costs.